About Us

MUNIO home is a story about people and their homes. About how each of us - at times together with others – We create our home.  We step over the threshold and we are – at home. The doors shut, and we are with ourselves. With our own aromas and feelings, sounds and silence, order and habits. With our own feeling of time.

At home we dream, love, desire, conspire, think, we grow ourselves, and help others to grow. We live, co-exist, experience, and survive. We wrap home around us.

At home we want everything that surrounds us to also be alive, and it is.  Glass mugs made by thousand year old methods. Knotted baskets made from twine that take days to complete. Bowls from clay cradled in loving hands, and tablecloths woven with equally loving fingers. The roughness of our fathers’ fathers and the fineness of contemporary design, black farmer’s rye bread and sky blue Art Nouveau buildings. A simple clay pot is grand and a gnarled birch bark basket is unique and valuable.

MUNIO home is brought to  India by Babita Bajaj, during her visit to Latvia she came across  the creation of three sisters, Elina, Laura and Liene who have created home objects made by Latvian craftsmen which are unique in designs and exclusive which every woman feels like acquiring to build her home.

MUNIO home homewares have been designed by architect Zane Tetere. It was a tantalizing experiment with a surprising, but flawless result. As a full blooded city dweller, who also spent her childhood summers in a summerhouse just outside the city, the urban landscape is a daily lifestyle. That’s why in this collection, Zane has encoded the flavour of city life and the solutions that industry offers and fused it with Latvian earthiness and a northern sensibility – a specific tonality and ancient techniques that the world has long forgotten, but Latvian masters still practise and use. That is what inspired, for example, city lace – crocheted lace in the form of maps of Tokyo and Riga that embellish the duvet covers.

The main characteristic of MUNIO home design is stylistic purity. Monolithic, geometric dishes. Objects that stand out with intelligent discreet texture rather than bright colours. Materials gleaned from wild Northern nature – clay, birch bark and linen.  Perfect interplay of materials – wood enhanced by aluminum, glass by wood. Symbiosis of past and present, ancient tradition, interpreted through contemporary design. A homewares line is born where each natural material is both a feature and a compliment to the others.

100 different stories of home, lived through objects. Clean and true, thereby making them rich and grand treasures.   

MUNIO home is a 100 different stories of home told through objects. We are homemakers.

We are home.